Executive Education


The Centre Offers 3-day master classes in philanthropic topics for professionals and practitioners interested in advancing their understanding of the field.

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The main topics for the Master Classes will include:


The Business and Ethical case for Corporate Social Investment


Topics include:


  1. The Business and Ethical case for CSI
  2. Designing CSI Strategies
  3. Organising and managing CSI
  4. Engaging with Partners and Communities
  5. Measuring CSI performance


Grant Making


Topics include:


  1. Basic principles of grant making
  2. Identifying and assessing potential grantees
  3. Negotiating grant agreements –power awareness
  4. Approaches to performance assessment
  5. Strategies for exit


Effective Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation


Topics include:


  1. Types of resources and motivations
  2. Types of giving institutions, mechanism and business models
  3. Innovations in resourcing and the ethics of fundraising
  4. Reading the context and creating a resourcing strategy
  5. Implementing and assessing a resourcing strategy


Non-Profit Management
and Leadership


Topics include


  1. Strategy for Non-Profit Organisations
  2. Succession Planning and Transition Management
  3. Governance of Non-Profit Organisations
  4. Risk Management