Research Areas of the Centre

Our research focuses on increasing knowledge about African Philanthropy and improving the practices of giving, volunteering, fundraising, and other aspects of philanthropic activity. We fill the gap in knowledge of Social Investment and Philanthropy that African countries are currently experiencing in this sector.

African Giving and Gifting

Community Philanthropy

Resourcing and Resource Mobilisation

Philanthropy, and Religion

Philanthropy, Public Policy and Regulation

Measuring Philanthropy

Philanthropy and SDGs

Corporate Social Responsibility and Shared Value

Philanthropy and Ethics

Private Wealth

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The Centre has 3 Research Tiers:

Research Tier 1


This involves a trans-national, macro-level survey of philanthropic behaviour in African countries including socio-economic data. This research investment will generate a unique resource for analysis by cohorts of Masters and PhD students.

Research Tier 2


This involves a country by country mapping of institutional philanthropy – quantitative and qualitative investigation of various types of grant-making foundations, corporate social investors, private wealth invested in social good, emerging forms of philanthropy various philanthropic set up, such as those financed by Africa’s High Net Worth Individuals, and hybrid models such as community foundations, etc.


The mapping study will also include:


  • A Description of macroeconomic context and development challenges in the selected country
  • Overview of an enabling environment (overview of the legal enabling environment and accountability mechanisms for non-for-profits and foundations in the region).

Research Tier 3


Research Tier 3 involves Country by country case-oriented approach to horizontal philanthropy, along the lines used by empirical studies grounding The Poor Philanthropist.