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Located at Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa, The African Centre on Philanthropy and Social Investment (ACPSI) was established to bridge the gap in the study, research and practice of philanthropy and social investment in Africa.


Global interest in the field of philanthropy and social investment in Africa and continents outside of Euro-America is growing exponentially. Recent years have seen a considerable increase in research and writings related to these topics. Despite this, the study of these fields is in a nascent stage, with very little formal academic research, teaching and publications available in Africa. In response to this lack of dedicated, formal academic focus, Wits Business School and the Southern Africa Trust introduced the African Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment.


The Centre aims to support the advancement of this field, by filling the current gaps in teaching, research, and publication. The Centre serves as a source of knowledge, a cultivator of partnerships, and a catalyst for innovation, community engagement and a heightened sense of citizenship and social responsibility throughout the African continent and beyond. From the outset, this initiative took on a wider pan African outlook – seeking to understand philanthropic behaviour in different contexts and histories.

About the Centre

The African Centre on Philanthropy and Social Investment (ACPSI), the first of its kind in Africa, has been structured to promote social change by building a culture of effective giving and corporate social and civic responsibility.


It will serve as a source of knowledge, a cultivator of partnerships, and a catalyst for innovation and community engagement. The Centre aspires to build a new cadre of African experts, researchers and academics in African Philanthropy, Social Investment and related disciplines.

The History and Founding of the Centre

The Goals of the Centre

The Objectives of the Centre

Attend Disaster Management Dialogue – The aftermath of cyclone Idai: 19 July, 2019.

More about the Centre

Niamani Mutima talks with Dr. Bhekinkosi “Bheki” Moyo about his research and work at the nexus of civil society, policy, and philanthropy. They also discuss what the newly created Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment at Wits Business School in South Africa signals in the field of African philanthropy.

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As a unit of the Wits Business School, the Centre enjoys oversight and administrative support from the school and the broader university structures. However, for day to day strategic and operational processes, the Centre has the support of an advisory board, research associates, as well as an editorial board to assist with publications.


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Research Areas


Executive Education Programmes


Our goals will be pursued with an array of national, regional and international partners in the academic, civil society, business and corporate sectors.


One of the founding funders of the Centre, the Foundation supported the planning and establishment of the centre and continues to support our programmes and operations.

A founding funder of the Centre, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation supported the establishment of the Chair and continues to support our programmes.

Supports research and development of a new cohort of scholars.

A founding partner, the Trust acted as a fiscal sponsor for Mott and Ford grants in the establishment of the Chair.


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